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Advertising with OxWFD offers your company unprecedented access to one of the most important money management sectors in the financial industry—Registered Investment Advisors.

The OxWFD Audience:

  • - We have the deepest and most comprehensive readership of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) anywhere in the world, with over 80,000 recipients of our daily newsletter, 95% of whom are RIAs.
  • - These RIAs command more than $21 tn of client capital and have direct decisionmaking power to distribute capital and purchase services—no more paying for advertising to readers without influence.
  • - Every day, your content will reach the inboxes of over 80,000 RIAs.
  • - 40% of our readers personally manage over $100mm. 20% manage $51-$100mm, and 30% $16-$50mm.
  • - This audience offers one of the deepest pools of liquidity in the world, and OxWFD provides the opportunity to access them with unprecedented levels of exposure, in a variety of formats.

The OxWFD Difference:

Many publications cater to the RIA audience cover industry and practice news and information. When our subscribers read the OxWFD, they have their investing hats on. They are not thinking about their day to day business, but what investments they will make for their clients and how global events are changing the markets. We appeal to an investing-focused rather than a practice-focused audience.

Five Reasons to Advertise to RIAs:

  1. RIAs, simply put, are the most dynamic and potent audience to which you could direct financial advertising, representing the largest broad pool of liquidity in the US.
  2. They command $61 tn of client capital, distributed across 10k+ firms, the vast majority of which have fewer than 20 employees, and lack the complicated bureaucracy of larger institutions.
  3. RIAs, our readers, command capital directly, and can allocate funds to your offering or purchase your services directly.
  4. RIAs are the “missing link” to the success or expansion of your business. Offering a new product or fund? Listing a new company? Have a new security offering? RIAs are the premier audience for you.
  5. 82.6% are dually registered BD/RIA reps.

Advertising Opportunities:

  • - Banner ads in our Daily Newsletter
  • - Web ads on our site
  • - Dedicated emails
  • - Sponsored content
  • - Webinars

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