With China in MSCI, Should You Invest?

 |  Thursday, 22 June 2017 12:22  |  Published in Asia
With China in MSCI, Should You Invest?
(Beijing) The MSCI made a monumental decision this week when it decided to include Chinese shares in global benchmarks. On the one hand it seems a no-brainer to include them because of their huge share of total global market capitalization. However, their restrictive rules and atypical practices make them an outlier on global markets, which had always caused consternation and previously excluded them from inclusion. The Chinese market will receive a boost from its inclusion, which will see the shares bought up by indexing funds replicating benchmarks. OxWFD: China has had some very up and down markets the last couple…

Why the Chinese Economy May Struggle

 |  Wednesday, 01 March 2017 10:22  |  Published in Asia
Why the Chinese Economy May Struggle
(Beijing) Many investors may keep at least a watchful eye on the Chinese economy. While bears have been saying the country was going to see its economy fall apart for years, this article shines some light on the trouble the nation might have moving forward. Chinese wages, on average, are now higher than Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, and are approaching pay levels in weaker European countries like Greece and Portugal. The wage gains mean that the country has largely started to converge with the West, while many other emerging markets have not. OxWFD: Its success may be its downfall, as…

The Bailout of the Chinese Financial System Has Begun

 |  Thursday, 11 August 2016 10:36  |  Published in Asia
The Bailout of the Chinese Financial System Has Begun
(Beijing) Most investors are not aware of it, but the Chinese have begun the bailout of their embattled financial system. Analysts at UBS in China say that banks in the country have been shedding bad loans and have already raised 620 bn yuan in new capital. “Contrary to market perception, bank recapitalisation and bailouts have begun”, says UBS. However, for as many lenders as have undertaken restructuring plans, there are many times more that have not. This leaves UBS unconvinced by the measures being taken, saying “The concern is that if we continue to see credit growth — loan plus…

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