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Fed Close to June Rate Hike

 |  Thursday, 25 May 2017 05:36  |  Published in Central Banking
Fed Close to June Rate Hike
(Washington) Many have been betting on multiple Fed rate hikes this year, and given the latest word out of the Fed, it looks like that might hold true. The minutes are out from the last Fed meeting, and they show that the central bank is close to pulling the trigger on another hike. So long as the economy remains on track, they will hike “soon” say the minutes. The Fed last hiked in March and said it expects two more hikes in 2017. The economy was not great in the first quarter and inflation has been sluggish, but central bankers…

The Fed’s Big Dilemma for 2017

 |  Tuesday, 20 December 2016 10:28  |  Published in Central Banking
The Fed’s Big Dilemma for 2017
(Washington) The Fed was very predictable this year—general conservatism leading to one rate hike this month. However, the playing field appears to have changed dramatically alongside the incoming president, and this article argues the Fed has a big dilemma on its hands. That dilemma lays in the fact that inflation is higher, the Dollar is stronger, and yields are rising. Alone, this would make matters simple, but they are complicated by the fact that such changes are being driven by the prospect of Trump stimulus, the reality of which may be a lot less formidable, or a lot slower coming…

This Market is a Whole New Challenge for the Fed

 |  Tuesday, 13 December 2016 10:07  |  Published in Central Banking
This Market is a Whole New Challenge for the Fed
(Washington) Everything changed for the Fed in a matter of about four weeks. Markets are soaring, bond yields are rising, and inflationary pressure is going up. That is a far cry from the economic conditions the central bank has been dealing with for many years. The question now is how the Fed will react. It is largely expected that the bank will hike a quarter point tomorrow, but with a big fiscal stimulus package on the horizon, and rising oil prices and inflation expectations, the path of hikes may be steeper than many think. So far, officials have taken a…

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