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Walmart and Google Partner to Take On Amazon

 |  Wednesday, 23 August 2017 09:47  |  Published in Corporate News
Walmart and Google Partner to Take On Amazon
(San Francisco) If there was ever a heavy weight partnership that had a chance to challenge a behemoth, this is it. Google and Walmart are teaming up to tackle Amazon. Walmart will pair up with Google Express and add hundreds of thousands of online items to the service. Walmart will have voice ordering using Google’s voice assistant, and the idea of the move is to challenge Amazon’s dominant position in ecommerce. Walmart is focused on voice ordering as it is a growing segment of the market, and it is evidently important for mundane items that consumers don’t care about, like…

The Big Plan to Disrupt Movie Theaters

 |  Wednesday, 16 August 2017 10:23  |  Published in Corporate News
The Big Plan to Disrupt Movie Theaters
(New York) An early founder of Netflix is now the CEO of MoviePass, a startup trying to rethink the movie space. The company has just launched a high profile effort to upend the traditional pricing model for movie tickets. It wants to let viewers see up to one movie per day at almost any theater (including new releases) for just $9.95 per month. The company says it will pay theaters back for the price difference in tickets. The idea is to get more people going to theaters and then monetize the user data they collect on the attendees. Profiting from…

Carmakers are Facing a Major New Threat

 |  Thursday, 10 August 2017 09:16  |  Published in Corporate News
Carmakers are Facing a Major New Threat
(Detroit) Carmakers are suffering from a new threat, partially of their own making. While many are worried about the shift to electric vehicles, it may be the big shifts in ownership trends that will hurt auto companies. As cars may become more commoditized and not personally owned, the way that carmakers have sought to do business for the last 20 years will be broken. In the late 1990s auto companies divested of their parts making division in an effort to move away from what they saw as low margin commoditized businesses, but now that ownership models are shifting, the parts…

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