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Emerging Markets are on a Tear

 |  Thursday, 30 March 2017 10:51  |  Published in Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets are on a Tear
(Istanbul) Most investors will be relatively happy with the way US markets have performed over the last few months. However, this piece points out that the really big gains of 2017 have been in emerging markets. As a whole, developed market equities have returned just half the 12.4% that emerging market equities have offered so far this year. The returns are great in bonds too as a basket of emerging market bonds has risen 7.4%, triple the global benchmark. Emerging stocks looks cheap right now as the MSCI Emerging Markets Index trades at 12.3x earnings compared to 16.6x in developed…

Trump’s Tax Cuts are Doomed

 |  Tuesday, 28 March 2017 10:39  |  Published in Emerging Markets
Trump’s Tax Cuts are Doomed
(Washington) This article suggests that people should forget about tax reform for now. Despite the fact that a large package of tax cuts is partly responsible for the big rise in stocks, this piece says that legislation is very far in the future indeed. The reason why is two-fold. Firstly, Washington is in a state of “panic” since the failure of the healthcare bill, with alliances unclear. And secondly, long before tax reform happens a new budget will need to be approved, including raising the debt ceiling by July. That sets the stage for a huge battle this spring, with…

And the Worst Performing Asset of 2016 Was…

 |  Wednesday, 28 December 2016 10:24  |  Published in Emerging Markets
And the Worst Performing Asset of 2016 Was…
(New York) The end of the year always brings articles about the worst performing asset classes, so in the spirit of tradition, here is one. This Wall Street Journal article says that one of the worst performing assets this year was frontier markets. The MSCI Frontier Markets Index, including countries like Pakistan and Nigeria, has gained just 1.4% this year, a far cry from the around 18% the Dow Jones has gained. The index is usually prone to big volatility, but remarkably, it has not gained nor lost 1% in a day since June. Countries in the index suffered from…

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