4 Great Growth Stocks

 |  Tuesday, 15 August 2017 10:16  |  Published in Equities
4 Great Growth Stocks
(New York) There have been plenty of articles on value stock investing lately, especially because it has been out of favor so long that some think it is destined for a comeback. However, growth stock strategies have been the winner over the last decade and Morgan Stanley has made some picks for what it sees as future winners. The picks come from Morgan Stanley’s institutional growth fund, which focuses on low turnover and lots of long-term strategic focus. Their picks are companies which they think have a unique position and very competitive management. Their choices for stocks that will dominate…

Why Apple Will Hit $1 tn Market Cap

 |  Wednesday, 10 May 2017 05:56  |  Published in Equities
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Why Apple Will Hit $1 tn Market Cap
(San Francisco) Euphoria seems to have once again returned to Apple’s stock. Investors are excited about the potential for the new ten-year anniversary iPhone 8 to be a smash hit, which is leading to a rising stock price that means the company is now worth more than $800 bn. Now, on the back of the gains, one analyst from Drexel has raised his price target to $202, well above the current level of $153 and a price which would give Apple a valuation of over $1 tn. He is the first analyst to give a valuation target that high. OxWFD:…

IPO Business Worst in 20 Years

 |  Friday, 23 September 2016 07:38  |  Published in Equities
IPO Business Worst in 20 Years
(New York) Those who follow investment banking, and anyone who likes to invest in IPOs should already be aware of a stark fact: the IPO business is at its worst in twenty years. So far this year, banks have taken in just $3.7 bn in fees from US-listed equity deals. That figure includes things like follow-on offerings and convertible debt issuance. That number is lower than it has been in more than 20 years, according to Dealogic. At its peak in 2000, banks took in $9.1 bn in fees, or $12.7 bn inflation adjusted. The main reason for the sharp…

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