Beware the Pending Italian Cataclysm

 |  Monday, 28 November 2016 09:59  |  Published in World
Beware the Pending Italian Cataclysm
(Rome) As most readers will know, Italy is having a monumentally important referendum this coming Sunday. While it is ostensibly about constitutional reforms in the country, the vote has taken on a life of its own and has become a grand battle between the far right and the status quo. This piece explains how the results of vote might impact the Euro and the markets. Markets are worried because if Renzi loses he will likely either resign or be ousted, clearing the way for the far right party to grab power. The party, called the Five Star Movement, plans to…

OPEC Reportedly Close to an Agreement

 |  Tuesday, 22 November 2016 10:10  |  Published in World
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OPEC Reportedly Close to an Agreement
(Vienna) The infamous OPEC output cut agreement—ever coming, never arriving. Well, this Wall Street Journal article says an agreement may come as soon as today. A Nigerian delegate says the talks are going well and there could be an agreement in place by today. The deal would then have to be finalized at a meeting on November 30th. The agreement has faced huge hurdles because of countries seeking exemptions from the cuts. OxWFD: This really would be a huge deal, but we still have trouble seeing it really happening. By “really happening” we mean not only that it is signed…
Advisers: Here’s How to talk to Clients About International Stocks
(New York) Are your clients (or you) investing overseas? This article, from the advisers section of the Wall Street Journal, and written by the head of intermediary sales at Wells Fargo Asset Management, says that all advisers need to speak to their clients about international stocks.  The piece says many will be hesitant because of a lack of familiarity, but that it is very important because most would receive benefit from investing internationally. One tactic the author encourages is to explain to clients how much exposure they already have to overseas companies by walking through the everyday products they use…

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