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OxWFD Research is Oxford World Financial Digest's white paper and custom research division.
Introducing Our White Paper Services
Those in the financial industry need to provide their clients with thought leadership and sharp views on the market. At the same time they need to get exposure for themselves and develop a voice in the industry which will bring them new clients. White papers have long been the ideal medium to do so, but the time and effort it takes to produce them on top of other daily duties is often overwhelming.
With this in mind, OxWFD Research, with its University of Oxford pedigree and rigorous dedication to producing high quality content, is launching a new white paper service for the financial services industry. With its team of experienced journalists, financiers, and researchers, OxWFD Research is perfectly suited to help RIAs produce the content they need to maintain and grow their businesses.

How it Works
Whether you have an argument or ideas you would like us to draft, or you would like us to create an entire piece on a specific topic, we can deliver high quality white papers with fast turnaround times.
We offer different levels of research and rigor depending on your requirements, with flexible pricing. Authorship of papers is by agreement, but we are happy to be a "ghost" writer, with your firm as the sole author.

We can create custom design templates for your white paper and firm that can be reused freely again and again for any future papers (whether or not OxWFD is involved).

Shorter pieces, such as essays or blog posts can also be ordered to your specification.

Pricing depends on your needs. 


Get Noticed

In order to get attention for your white paper, OxWFD Research offers the ability for your paper to be sent out to the whole of OxWFD's RIA audience, which includes 70,000 RIAs from all across the US.

Contact Us
In order to learn more and get a quote please contact OxWFD's editor, Duncan MacDonald-Korth, directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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